Something of a polymath with skills spanning emerging finance and technology (web, mobile, AI, blockchain), business strategy, organisational culture and systems thinking.

Here are some things I can help you with.

Organisational agility

Expert agile and scrum practitioner with strong governance skills. Prototyping tools and methods such as Lean, Bootstrap, etc. Have taught, coached and run teams using advanced agile methods: BDD/TDD, Kaizen, Kanban, Lean-agile, DSDM, RUP, rapid application development.

Technology, product and data

Software stack: IaaS/Paas: AWS stack, Front end and application development JavaScript, Express, NodeJS.

Data stack: Relational and extensible databases: MySQL, RDMS, MongoDB.

Data analysis and big data: Tableau, MongoDB, MySQL, machine learning using TensorFlow.

Information risk management: GDPR, data privacy, cybersecurity: CISSP, OWASP, ISO 27000 security auditing, antifraud.

Early and growth stage venture

Strategy definition, financial modelling, market and competitive positioning, pricing strategy. Extensive innovation, valuation modelling and exit path planning.


Equities, derivatives, FX, treasury, capital markets, blockchain, alternative financing. Conduct risk, market abuse, trade monitoring, CDD, KYC, market risk, counterparty risk, payments, settlements, insurance.